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Meghan Martin

Product designer and creative developer. UC Berkeley grad.
MA Design Strategy. I make great things on the internet.
Below are some personal projects I am most proud of but feel free to reach out for a full portfolio of recent product work!

I'm passionate about the startup scene, technology of the future and creative work the world needs. I'm constantly designing and coding projects & ideas, both freelance and self initiated. I'm currently freelancing but open to full time product design roles if the opportunity arises.

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my life story

my life

ui story

ui + dev work

fonts project

Fonts in the Wild

Designed and built a design resource for finding the perfect font

fancier project


Designed a visual tool to audit a website's accessibility

30 days of websites projects

30 Days of Websites

Created 30 experimental websites in 30 days

design strategy projects


Designed a manual to upcycle plastic in the Amazon